Earth Animal

Earth Animal Dog Chew

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Size: 7"
Flavor: Beef
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There's no hiding it, No-Hide® Chews are simply the best treat on the planet. It's the healthier, long-lasting, delicious alternative to rawhide that pets love. We call it No-Hide® Nirvana.

No-Hide® Chews are rolled by hand by our team in PA with absolutely NO synthetic chemicals, bleaches, formaldehydes, or additives. This way, you know each and every one is made with gentle care, and that you can be happy knowing your pet is truly getting a nutritious, delicious, long-lasting No-Hide® Nirvana experience.

Great digestibility

Unlike rawhide bones, No-Hide® chews are made to give your pup a satisfying, digestible treat they love to chomp on. 

Ingredient Integrity

It’s so important to us that we know where each and every ingredient in No-Hide® comes from, and to be 100% sure, we only ever work with partners we trust.

No additives, bleaches, formaldehydes, or synthetic chemicals

Well that just says it all, right? We wouldn’t want to chew on those things, and your dog surely shouldn’t either, and that’s why we avoid them entirely.

Dental Benefits

A good, long chew for your dog isn’t just fun, tasty, and relaxing for them — it also promotes healthy teeth and gums. That’s a win, win, win, win right there.

Chicken Ingredients: Chicken, Brown Rice Flour, Agar-Agar (vegetable gelatin), Organic Eggs, Olive Oil, Banana Powder, Bromelain (Pineapple). 

Size: 7"
Flavor: Beef