Weruva TruLuxe Canned Cat Food

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Flavor: Glam N’ Punk Lamb and Duck in Gelée
Size: 3 oz
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Weruva TruLuxe Cat Food Collection

Delight your feline with the luxurious flavors of Weruva’s TruLuxe Cat Food Collection. This premium line includes two sophisticated recipes, each crafted with the finest ingredients and unique textures—Glam 'N Punk in a smooth gelée and Quick 'N Quirky in a rich gravy. These gourmet meals are designed to satisfy even the most discerning palates while providing top-notch nutrition.

Available Variants:

  1. Glam 'N Punk in Gelée

    • Key Ingredients: Lamb, duck, and chicken.
    • Texture: Served in a velvety gelée that enhances the flavor and appeal of the rich meats.
    • Benefits: Combines red meat and poultry to provide a high-protein feast that supports muscle maintenance and overall health, with the gelée adding an extra layer of hydration and enjoyment.
  2. Quick 'N Quirky in Gravy

    • Key Ingredients: Chicken and turkey.
    • Texture: Prepared in a savory gravy that entices cats who prefer a saucier meal.
    • Benefits: This lean, high-protein option is perfect for maintaining a healthy weight and satisfying taste buds without compromising on flavor.

General Features for Both Recipes:

  • High-Quality Protein Sources: Each recipe uses premium meats to ensure a rich, protein-packed diet that supports lean muscle and robust health.
  • Hydration-Focused: Whether in a gelée or gravy, these recipes help maintain proper hydration, crucial for your cat’s kidney and urinary health.
  • Grain-Free: Made without grains, gluten, or artificial additives, ideal for cats with dietary sensitivities.
  • All-Natural Ingredients: Contains no artificial colors or preservatives, providing only the healthiest food for your cat.

Click here for the full ingredient list and feeding guide.

Flavor: Glam N’ Punk Lamb and Duck in Gelée
Size: 3 oz