Weruva B.F.F. Variety Pack Canned Cat Food

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Flavor: Oh My Gravy (OMG) Rainbow Road 12 Pack 2.8oz Cans

Weruva BFF OMG! Rainbow Road Variety Pack

Discover the delightful range of flavors offered by Weruva’s BFF OMG! Rainbow Road Variety Pack, perfect for cats who enjoy a bit of variety in their meals. Each can in this variety pack is filled with delicious gravy-based recipes, combining high-quality ingredients and hydration-focused formulations to please even the fussiest feline palates.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Assorted Flavors: This variety pack includes a selection of different gravy-based recipes, allowing your cat to enjoy a new taste with each meal.
  • Hydration-Focused: Each can contains a rich, savory gravy that helps increase your cat's moisture intake, supporting better hydration which is essential for maintaining kidney and urinary health.
  • High-Quality Protein: All recipes in this pack are made with premium protein sources, including real chicken, salmon, and turkey, providing your cat with the necessary nutrients for strong muscles and overall vitality.
  • Grain-Free Goodness: Free from grains, gluten, and any artificial additives, making it a safe and healthy choice for cats with specific dietary needs.
  • Variety of Textures: The pack offers a mix of textures that cater to different preferences, ensuring a satisfying mealtime experience.

Click here for the full ingredient list and feeding guide.

Flavor: Oh My Gravy (OMG) Rainbow Road 12 Pack 2.8oz Cans