Supercan Beef Trachea [x]

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Size: Supercan Beef Trachea, 6”

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What Makes our Beef Trachea Superior Quality?  

FREE-RANGE GRASS-FED BEEF: Supercan Beef Trachea are 100% Natural Dog Chews, single ingredient sourced from free range grass fed South American cattle with no hormones and no GMOs.

PROCESS, INSPECTED & PACKAGED: At our own Food-Graded facility under HACCP, BRC and Safety Quality Food Regulations (SQF).

  • Natural Source of Collagen: which is know to improve Dogs Bone and Joint health and improve common health struggles like joint pains and arthritis.
  • Low Fat: They are a Low Fat Dog Chew while a High Protein Source, Single ingredient and Highly Digestible.
  • Healthy Coat: Beef Tendon Chews also Promote Dogs Healthy Coat and Skin by increasing the dermis collagenous levels, The dermis is the main foundation of your dogs skin and hair growth.
  • Dental improvements : Beef Tendons will keep tartar and plaque off your dogs teeth improving their over all dental health.
  • 100% Natural: Free Range Grass Fed Sourced, process and packed at our own Production plant under strict Safety regulation.

Average Weight per Stick: 40g / 1.40 oz

Size: Supercan Beef Trachea, 6”