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5 Vegetarian Dog Treats (and why they might be the perfect choice for your pup)

Posted on March 29 2022

5 Vegetarian Dog Treats (and why they might be the perfect choice for your pup)

You may be thinking ‘why feed your dog vegetarian treats’? It can be a personal choice of course, but for many dogs it can be beneficial to their health. So many pups suffer from food allergies and many of them are related to certain protein sources (chicken and beef are common). Vegetarian treats help you to avoid them altogether. They can also be wonderful low-calorie options for pups that are needing to watch their waistlines. 

  1. Lord Jameson Pops Organic Dog Treats- Organic, vegan, small batch, non gmo, the list goes on and on. Available in 6 fun flavors: savory sweet (sweet potato), celebration bash (peanut butter), blue bliss (blueberry), berry best (strawberry), carrot pops, and apple pops. Pups have been known to ask for seconds of these soft round delights. 
  1. Grandma Lucy’s Organic Oven Baked Dog Treats- Think teddy grahams, but for dogs. These cuter than all get out cookies come in 6 tasty flavors: blueberry, cranberry, lemon and honey, apple, sweet potato and banana, and pumpkin. Grandma Lucy’s uses human grade ingredients so if you want to snatch one, we won’t tell. 
  1. Fromm Crunchy O’s- Three of their varieties, Banana Kablammers, Peanut Butter Jammers, and Smokin’ Cheeseplosions, are all fantastic, low-calorie vegetarian options that come in at only 2 kcals each. Dogs love these multi grain, super crunchy treats!
  1. Fruitables PB n’ Joy Bars- Soft, breakable and protein packed at 4g of protein, these tasty treats are available in peanut butter and banana, blueberry or apple. These fab treats are perfect to take out for a doggy energy boost on a walk, hike or at the dog park. 
  1. Grandma Lucy’s Freeze Dried Sweet Potatoes- Simple, healthy and tasty, these single ingredient treats are a winner all around! Sweet potatoes are high in fiber which can help aid in your dog's digestion. You can break these treats easily so they make a great choice for a training treat.