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Grandma Lucy's Freeze-Dried Single Ingredient Treats

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Flavor: Chicken
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Grandma Lucy's Singles Freeze-Dried Treats

Reward your dog or cat with the pure, single-ingredient goodness of Grandma Lucy's Singles Freeze-Dried Treats. These premium freeze-dried treats are crafted to provide a delicious and nutritious snack, using high-quality ingredients to ensure your dog or cat enjoys a healthy treat every time.

Available Variants:

  1. Singles Chicken

    • Key Ingredients: 100% Chicken.
    • Benefits: Made from high-quality, all-natural chicken, these treats provide a lean, easily digestible protein source that supports muscle maintenance and overall health. Ideal for training or rewarding your dog with a healthy snack.
  2. Singles Liver

    • Key Ingredients: 100% Chicken Liver.
    • Benefits: Crafted from nutrient-rich liver, these treats offer a concentrated source of essential vitamins and minerals. Liver is known for its high levels of iron and vitamin A, supporting energy levels and overall vitality.
  3. Singles Pollock

    • Key Ingredients: 100% Pollock.
    • Benefits: Featuring wild-caught pollock, these treats are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, promoting healthy skin and a shiny coat. Pollock is an excellent protein source for dogs with sensitivities to land-based proteins.
  4. Singles Beef

    • Key Ingredients: 100% Beef.
    • Benefits: Made from high-quality beef, these treats provide a robust, protein-packed snack that supports lean muscle development and overall health. Perfect for dogs who enjoy the rich flavor of beef.

General Features for All Recipes:

  • Single Ingredient: Each treat is made from a single, high-quality ingredient, ensuring purity and simplicity.
  • High-Quality Protein Sources: Each recipe uses real meat or fish, providing a rich, protein-packed snack that supports lean muscle and overall health.
  • Freeze-Dried Goodness: Freeze-dried to lock in nutrients and flavor, offering the benefits of raw food in a convenient form.
  • Grain-Free & All-Natural: Free from grains, gluten, and artificial additives, focusing on wholesome, natural nutrition.
  • Ideal for Training: These treats are perfect for training sessions, offering a healthy reward that your dog will love.

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Flavor: Chicken