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Fussie Cat Premium Cat Can Food

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Size: 2.8 oz
Flavor: Tuna w/Chicken Liver
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Fussie Cat Premium Canned Cat Food Collection

Treat your cat to the succulent textures and gourmet flavors of Fussie Cat's Premium Tuna Line Canned Cat Food Collection. Each variant in this series is based on tuna as the main ingredient, combined with various types of seafood or meat, and served in a delightful aspic jelly. This line is perfect for fussy eaters looking for taste variety and nutritional richness.

Available Variants:

  1. Premium Tuna with Ocean Fish Formula in Aspic

    • Key Ingredients: Tuna and various ocean fish.
    • Highlights: Offers a blend of seafood for those cats that love variety, enriching their diet with multiple sources of protein.
  2. Premium Tuna with Anchovies Formula in Aspic

    • Key Ingredients: Tuna and whole anchovies.
    • Highlights: Anchovies add a burst of flavor and are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for a cat's skin and coat health.
  3. Premium Tuna with Prawns Formula in Aspic

    • Key Ingredients: Tuna and juicy prawns.
    • Highlights: Prawns are a high-protein addition that enhances the meal’s texture and taste.
  4. Premium Tuna with Chicken Liver Formula in Aspic

    • Key Ingredients: Tuna and chicken liver.
    • Highlights: Chicken liver is rich in nutrients such as vitamin A, providing an extra nutritional boost.
  5. Premium Tuna with Salmon Formula in Aspic

    • Key Ingredients: Tuna and salmon.
    • Highlights: Salmon increases the omega-3 content, which aids in maintaining healthy skin and a lustrous coat.
  6. Premium Tuna with Shrimp Formula in Aspic

    • Key Ingredients: Tuna and shrimp.
    • Highlights: Shrimp offers a well-loved flavor that most cats find irresistible, along with a texture that enriches the dining experience.
  7. Premium Tuna Formula in Aspic

    • Key Ingredients: Pure tuna.
    • Highlights: A simple yet delicious option for cats that prefer the straightforward goodness of tuna without additional flavors.

General Features for All Recipes:

  • High-Quality Tuna: Each formula starts with tuna as the primary protein source, ensuring each can is packed with animal protein.
  • Rich in Essential Nutrients: Enhanced with vitamins and minerals to support a healthy immune system and overall well-being.
  • Served in Aspic: Helps maintain hydration as many cats do not drink sufficient water, and the gelatin-like texture of aspic appeals to fussy eaters.
  • Grain-Free: Suitable for cats with grain sensitivities, focusing on protein-rich nutrition.

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Size: 2.8 oz
Flavor: Tuna w/Chicken Liver