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Turmeric: The Magical Spice That Can Help Your Pup Live a Long, Happy Life

Posted on August 31 2022

What is turmeric anyway? Turmeric is a flowering plant from the ginger family. The plants are gathered for their roots, which are typically boiled in water and dried into the familiar yellow/orange powder that we recognize as turmeric powder. Turmeric contains a chemical called curcumin which is the main source of this superfood's amazing benefits. 

How can it help my dog? The main way that turmeric works to help is through its anti-inflammatory nature. Its ability to reduce swelling can help aid your pup with pain, swollen joints, arthritis, and even IBD. Since it also has antioxidant properties it can also be used when treating cancer to potentially prevent cancer cell growth. Many studies on turmeric and its potential to help with cancer are still ongoing but are looking very promising. 

My pup is healthy. Why should I add something they don’t need? The old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” comes to mind here. A huge part of holistic veterinary wellness is caring for your pet with prevention at the forefront of your mind. Reducing chronic inflammation before it becomes a problem is key to avoiding a number of health issues including arthritis, IBD, and cancer. 

Okay. Turmeric sounds pretty cool. What kind of products do you offer that have it? We are so glad you asked! We have a number of products that include this incredible ingredient. 

  1. Kangaroo Dogs Organic Liquid Turmeric- A liquid supplement that is added to your pup's food to help them with achy joints, inflammation and cancer prevention. Basically, an amazing food additive to help you prevent ailments. 
  2. Austin and Kat Senior Formula CBD Tinctures and Biscuits- Turmeric is added to these wonderful products to compliment the CBD to fight pain and inflammation faced by many seniors' pups.
  3. Kin and Kind Healthy Hips and Joints Supplement- Turmeric and black pepper work together to help reduce inflammation and keep your pet more comfortable in this food additive.
  4. Green Juju Whole Food Bites (Duck Orange, Beef Red, Salmon Blue, and Bison Green)- A yummy treat/food topper that is packed with antioxidants, high quality protein sources, fruits and vegetables to promote all around health. 
  5. Green Juju Frozen Vegetable Blends (Just Greens, Bailey’s Blend, and Golden Blend)- These food toppers put the super in superfood. Turmeric adds additional anti-inflammatory and antioxidant elements to these bone broth-infused vegetable mixtures.