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5 Things Your Dog Needs To Have the Best Birthday or Gotcha Day Ever

Posted on March 15 2022

5 Things Your Dog Needs To Have the Best Birthday or Gotcha Day Ever
1. A Festive Bandana
Pawsnickety Pets carries amazing bandanas made locally by the Dogwood Pup. Check out or seasonal selections or pick up one of our colorful birthday ones. Nothing says “Pet me, I’m fabulous!” like a new accessory.
2. A Fun Toy
What is more fun than a birthday play session with a brand new toy? We asked your dog, they say nada! We have a constantly changing assortment of toys for dogs of all sizes and play styles. We recommend our birthday hat toy made by The Worthy Dog or our gift box toy from Haute Diggity Dog.
3. A Celebratory Pupcake
Did someone say pupcake? Yep, we sure did! We have full size cakes and individual pupcakes from Carolina's Pupcakery that your dog will drool over. Is it a birthday celebration without cake? We don’t think so.
4. Doggie Froyo 
Cake without ice cream? Not on our watch! We have frozen treats for the birthday pup that they will enjoy without the tummy trouble real ice cream can cause. Check out our sweet and savory options of frozen yogurt cups by Boss Dog. 
5. Treats, Treats and More Treats
We are sure your dog would agree that treats should be a daily occurrence, BUT for a birthday, a special treat is in order. We recommend Lord Jameson’s Celebration Bash treats made with peanut butter. They are not only delicious, they are nutritious and vegan.
Your dog deserves to celebrate in style! Stop in with your birthday pooch and we will make sure they are treated like the birthday prince or princess they are.