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A Little Love Note for the Ghent Farmers Market

Posted on April 03 2021

Ghent Farmers Market April 2 2021

To say we LOVE being a part of the Ghent neighborhood of Norfolk doesn't do it justice. We absolutely, straight up ADORE this this little slice of the City of Norfolk! So when the opportunity to participate in the brand new Ghent Farmers Market was given to us, it wasn't even a question.  

Although both Shizuka and I are big fans of farmers markets, popups and any kind of opportunity to shop that crosses our paths (so, maybe we were always destined to be retailers?!) but we have never been vendors at one of these fun little events so we had a lot to learn. And QUICK! 

Ghent Farmers Market Norfolk VA

We started researching, making lists, sketching out what our setup would look like and ordering fun, new and interesting products we hoped would be a big hit with all the doggie friends and cat parents we knew would be attending.

We planned. We plotted. And the Ghent community showed up beyond our wildest expectations!  Especially for a super chilly, 40-degree day. Our little tent was hopping with new and familiar faces in the 3 hour span that the market took place. It was happy-cry-inducing good stuff!  Not joking, I actually cried happy tears on the way home that evening. 💖

To the new friends we made at the market, THANK YOU!  Thanks for giving us a shot and treating your pet to a tasty snack from Pawsnickety. 

To the familiar faces who came by or brought their friends to meet us at the market, THANK YOU!  Thanks for trusting us again and again. 

Ghent Farmers Market Norfolk VA April 2021

To the organizers (Ghent Business Association), manager (Lori), sponsors (Ghent Neighborhood League), supporters (City of Norfolk & City Councilwoman Courtney Doyle) and all the extra helpful volunteers of the market, THANK YOU!

Just when we thought we couldn't love this little corner of the universe called Ghent Norfolk anymore than we already do... you all show us a whole new level of love & support! 

We love you.
We love your pets.
We can't wait to see you again soon! 

Much Love,
Kaycee & Shizuka