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3 Soft Treats That Your Pup Will Drool Over (and 1 Your Kitty Will Enjoy, Too!)

Posted on September 21 2022

Soft treats are a wonderful choice for pets who like a little less crunch in their snacks. They tend to be flavorful, highly palatable and a higher value treat making them perfect for training. Some pets have dental issues that make eating soft treats the best option. Whatever the reason you are looking for a soft treat, here are a few of our favorites.

 1. Fruitables Skinny Minis - If your pup craves treats, but is watching their waistline, this is the treat for them. They come in at only 3 calories per treat and their small size makes them a wonderful and healthy choice for training. Fresh fruits, veggies, and a little spearmint make these a healthy and breath freshening treat. Available in Watermelon, Grilled Bison, Apple Bacon, Pumpkin and Berry, and Pumpkin and Mango flavors.

 2. Stella and Chewy Crav’n Bac’n Bites - Meat lovin’ pups unite! These protein-packed and tasty 3 calorie treats are fantastic training treats, even for picky pooches. This company is known for their high quality pet food and their treats are no exception. Available in Bacon and Chicken, Bacon and Beef, and Bacon and Duck flavors.

 3. Plato Thinkers Meat Sticks - Looking for an on the go soft treat? Grab one (or a bunch) of our single Plato thinkers meat sticks. They can be fed whole or broken into small pieces for treating on the go! From sourcing quality meat to air drying to avoid high temperature processing, Plato makes fantastic treats that your pup will go wild for. Available in Lamb, Chicken, Salmon and Duck flavors.

4. Tiki Cat Soft and Chewy Treats - A PURRfect treat for a kitty who prefers a chewy snack. Meat is the first ingredient in these low calorie, uniquely textured treats. If your kitty likes soft treats they will think these are MEOWvelous. Available in Tuna and Chicken flavors.