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Wet Dog Collars

Wet Dog Collars (1" Width)



Saltwater friendly dog collars, martingales, leashes, harnesses & specialty items handcrafted in St. Augustine, FL.

It all started for my own beach and sailboat dog because I was tired of rust stained fur, seized leash clips and lack of durability!

I hand make each piece with strong rust proof STAINLESS STEEL hardware, marine grade nylon webbing, UV resistant thread, premium contour clips, adjusters and strap-keepers.

The ends are fused then triple stitched with the box stitch on the collars keeping the dog tags farther from the clip for less jingle. The strap-keeper holds the collar or harness fit and keeps the excess adjustment loop tight to ensure your dog's safety and comfort.

Nautical and coastal designs or basic webbing dog gear for the salty dog and owner.

​Saltwater proof:  resilient to rust and rot, durable, quick to dry and breathable.